Reach your full potential

Would you like to…
Drive your business forward?
Take your dental practice to the next level?
Be able to point at a transformation in your profit and claim ‘that was me’?
Then join the Practice Managers Business Club!

This revolutionary business club provides forward-thinking practice managers with the very best coaching the dental industry has to offer. The personal and professional growth of PMBC members will be focused on the business skills needed to lead dental teams and practices to peak performance.


The Practice Managers Business Club aims to up-skill everyone who manages and leads a dental business. Members will learn essential business management skills and acquire the practical tools necessary to take dental businesses to the next level.

Typical topics to be covered in the Club:



Change Management


Managing Upwards

Financial Modelling

Decision Making

Effective Selling Skills

Building a High Performance Team

And More..

Sub topics:

  • Undertaking one-to-ones

  • Effective delegation

  • Engaging patients and the team

  • Ethical sales and communication

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Decision Making Accounting (DMA)

  • Effective coaching and mentoring

  • Measuring marketing effectiveness

  • Best practice meetings

  • And lots more

Ending isolation

Dental practice managers often talk about feeling alone. There may be several dentists, therapists, nurses and receptionists in the team but there is only one manager – you! So whom do you bounce ideas off or share problems with? What trustworthy source do you go to for answers to the typical business questions that pop up every day? Don’t feel isolated… Network with like-minded PMs and be guided by some of the best coaches in the industry!

Calling all business owners!

To achieve growth at both ends of your P&L it is essential that you and your manager are pulling in the same direction. To drive real change at your practice the management team must work in unison and utilise its skills to lead the team to success. If you would like to be confident of your PM’s competence to steer your business forward, then invest in their – and ultimately your – success.

Success isn’t in the knowing – it’s in the doing

Many PMs complete diplomas or more and still find they cannot do their job effectively. They may have learned the theory, remembered it and passed the test but struggle to apply it practically. This club is all about providing the theory and enabling PMs to use it.

Discovery Day delegates said...
“Not often do I come away from a course buzzing and with so many new ideas to implement. The speakers were first class, enjoyable, engaging, informative, passionate…the list goes on! I have more ideas and those light bulb moments that we all love."

- Julie Randle, PM at Smile Style Dental Care Centre in Stafford  -

Membership benefits

Membership is via monthly subscription and includes:

PMBC Workshops

Seminars will take place at key locations in the UK.  Anyone who has ever attended one of Andy’s courses will know just how much is packed in and how much they will benefit.

Business Tool kit

The ultimate aim of the PMBC is to up-skill PMs to help them become more effective business leaders. This club is all about providing the theory and enabling you to use it. Reflect, hone your approach and achieve further success. Voila! Your business tool kit!

A-head for Business Magazine


A quarterly magazine A-Head for Business will help you get ahead in your business and get a head for business. Each issue will concentrate on a main theme, such as strategy or leadership and will include free and verifiable CPD to keep you at the top of your game.

Success Talks Peer2Peer Interviews

Being a PM can be a lonely and isolated job. This is a supportive club that promotes member-to-member engagement. Get tips, hints and inspiration from your peers and the experts.

Business Management Networking

A closed forum allows you the space to talk openly about the issues you face and share your experiences with other PMs who know and understand these challenges.

Readers are Leaders Book Club

Each quarter we will recommend some of the best books available on our set topic to ensure that your very precious time is spent wisely. We will also put you in touch with PMs in similar practices to yours for ‘virtual’ book clubs or face-to-face meetings in your area.

We are here to help end isolation, provide practical business skills, increase your personal worth and improve your career prospects.

Our Mission

The PMBC’s mission is to up-skill practice managers to become effective business leaders. Members will learn essential business management skills and acquire the practical tools necessary to lead their dental businesses to peak performance.

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